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Tumbled Pebble

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20-40mm Basalt Tumbled:  This tumbled stone is a light charcoal grey in colour when dry and black when wet. Ideal for gardens and water features.

20-40mm Blue Grey: Looking for something different. Impressive colour. A tumbled limestone that is suitable for gardens and pool surrounds.

20-50mm Charcoal Black: This tumbled stone creates a modern look for your garden. Charcoal in colour when dry and black when wet. Perfect for gardens and water features.

20-40mm Peaches & Cream Tumbled:  A tumbled sandstone that is extremely popular with its brown and pink tones. Ideal for gardens.

20-40mm Sandstone Tumbled: A tumbled sandstone that is perfect for gardens and paving areas. It has earthy colours of browns and light red.

40-75mm Sandstone Tumbled:  A tumbled sandstone perfect for gardens. A bigger size for something different. Earthy colours that will blend with any environment. 

Oversize Sandstone Tumbled: Tumbled sandstone over 75mm making it perfect for garden features and dry creek beds. Mixture of browns and reds. Can be moved by hand to get that perfect look.

20mm Sunset Gold Tumbled: A beautiful coloured tumbled sandstone. Has two toned colours in the same stone. Lots of browns, reds, creams and tans. Looks great in gardens and courtyards.

20-50mm Sunset Gold Tumbled: A popular tumbled sandstone with its two toned colours. Red and brown in the one stone. Caramels, creams and tans also abundant. Perfect for all landscaping.

20mm White Ash: A tumbled limestone with a sparkle that is very popular in gardens and paved areas.

20-50mm White Ash: A proven winner over a long period of time. A tumbled limestone that gives a fresh crisp look to your garden and paved areas.

Note: These photos are intended as a guide only. Our products are natural and as a result there may be variations in consistency and colour from any description, photo or sample of product.

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